Join conditions

1. Obtain information and read the joining rules in detail, and fill in the joining application form in detail.
2. Visit Qunxi image store and factory.
3. The business representative explains the franchise cooperation matters in detail to the franchised merchants.
4. Sign the contract and pay the brand guarantee fee.
5. Provide a copy of the shop lease contract or property right certificate, a copy of the business license or a copy of the personal ID card.
6. Apply for exhibition hall design.
7. The designer designs the exhibition hall.
8. The franchisee determines the shop drawings and purchases samples.
9. The headquarters provides decoration design plans and sample design drawings.
10. The franchise store design, installation, shopping guide, management, and marketing personnel go to the headquarters for pre-opening training of the franchise store.
11. The franchisee pays the goods and the factory delivers the goods.
12. Preparation for opening of franchise stores.
13. Marketing planning: After opening, the headquarters will provide a unified marketing plan and provide differentiated guidance according to the specific situation.

Join Process

  • 01Negotiate
  • 02Accreditation
  • 03Sign agency agreement
  • 04Store construction
  • 05Store design
  • 06Sample production
  • 07Installation acceptance
  • 08Opening training
  • 09Store opening
Professional terminal support
Strengthening the terminal is the company ’s primary strategy, and terminal stores are the core resource in market competition, and it is also a key element of the city ’s successful operation. To implement the enhanced terminal strategy, the company will train dealers on product knowledge and sales skills to improve store competition Power, thereby driving the improvement of terminal stores across the country, promoting sales, stimulating brands, and enhancing customer experience, in order to achieve leading and strong terminal competitiveness.
Event support
In order to improve the sales performance of stores in various regions, the company will focus on the local sales characteristics of dealers,
         Formulate a unique marketing plan, formulate different terminal promotional plans from time to time to occupy the market quickly, and support no less than six events throughout the year.

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