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Specific size measurement method for steel and wooden doors:
Actual door opening size is reduced by 40mm (thickness of door cover + width of door slit = height of net door leaf).
The actual door opening size width is reduced by 60mm (thickness of door cover plate 2 + door slit width = net door leaf width).
This notice will be implemented from now on. We hope that all distributors will cooperate with our company to measure the size and minimize unnecessary troubles caused by unclear dimensioning.
1. If the size is similar, if the height is 2060mm, it can be made into a standard door leaf, so that one is fast delivery, and the other is moderate price.
2. The thickness of the door cover of the painted steel-wood interior door is 20mm, and the width of the door cover is the flower line: 60mm, 75mm, and the flat plate 80mm (non-stretchable plastic steel 80mm).
1. Door leaf specifications:
Large size: 940mm * 2180mm * 45mm
Small size: 680mm * 1750mm * 45mm (except flat door)
2. Calculation method of door leaf specifications:
A. The height of the door leaf is equal to the height of the door hole minus 40mm (including the thickness of the door frame, the gap between the wall and the door frame, the gap between the door frame and the door leaf) and then the lifting feet (generally based on the horizontal plane, that is, the floor or tile Rear. The gap between the bottom of the door leaf and the horizontal plane is the hanging foot, the normal hanging foot is 10mm).
B. The width of the door leaf is equal to the width of the door hole minus 60mm (including the thickness of the door frame on both sides, the gap between the door frame and the wall, and the gap between the door frame and the door leaf).
C. The uniform thickness of the door leaf is 45mm.
3. The glass door indicates the type of glass. If not specified, our factory defaults to no glass treatment.
4. Door frame regulations: Door frames are divided into retractable and non-retractable door frames (please specify when ordering). The normal specifications of the door frame stipulate heights of 2060mm, 2100mm, and 2150mm, and the lengthened specifications are subject to change. The door frame is shown below: A-type door frame cross-section B-type door frame cross-section
A. The uniform height of the door frame is 2060mm, which is suitable for the door leaf height within 2030mm (except for special hanging feet).
B. The uniform height of the door frame is 2100mm, which is suitable for the door leaf height within 2030mm ~ 2060mm (except for special hanging feet).
C. The height of the door frame is 2150mm. It is suitable for the height of the door leaf within 2060mm ~ 2100mm (except for special hanging feet).
5. The width of the door frame (referring to the thickness of the large panel): uniformly specified as 100mm, 120mm, 140mm, 160mm, 180mm, 200mm, 220mm, 240mm, 260mm, 280mm, 300mm.
6. The telescopic door frame needs to indicate whether to slot or not. If not, our factory will default to slotting.
7. The window frame does not have a door line (ie no slot), and the height and width can only be 2400mm. No matter how high or wide, you need to stitch together. When ordering, please indicate the number of frames, if you do not specify, our factory defaults to three-sided frame production.
8. Line specifications:
A. The uniform height of the line is specified as 2150mm (five for a pair, one of which is 2100mm in height), and the height of the corresponding installable door leaf is within 2030mm (subject to the normal hanging foot of 10mm, except for special hanging feet).
B. The uniform height of the line is specified as 2200mm, which corresponds to the size of the installable door leaf height of 2100mm, plus 280mm shaking head.
C, line width is specified as three specifications of 60mm, 80mm, 75mm.
D. Line height calculation method: door leaf height + line width (60mm, 80mm, 75mm) + gap between door leaf and door frame crosshead + hanging feet.
E. Method for calculating the length of the crosshead of the line: (door leaf width + gap between the door leaf and the two door frames + line width) × 2
9. When ordering, please make sure to order with the net size of door leaf, door frame and line. Please refer to our factory sample table, and indicate the address, telephone number and contact person on the order form for easy contact.

Anti-counterfeiting query tips
1. Telephone enquiry: please call the enquiry hotline 400-6250-315 (mobile phones can be supported), follow the voice prompts, enter the 22-digit anti-counterfeiting password in order from left to right, top to bottom, and press the "#" key At the end, after the system verification, you can hear the following voice instructions:
(1) "Hello Dear Customer, what you are looking for is the product of Zhejiang Qunxi Door Industry Co., Ltd., which is the logo of the genuine product. Thank you for your inquiry and goodbye!" This voice indicates that you are buying a genuine product. Can be used with confidence;
(2) "The security code you have inquired has been queried for the first time in * year * month * day, please check carefully, and beware of counterfeiting!" This voice means: The authenticity is queried again (if you have been in The first inquiry has been made at the time stated in the telephone voice).
(3) "The anti-counterfeit code you inquired does not exist, the anti-counterfeit code should be a pure digital code without spaces, please verify again and beware of counterfeiting!" This voice means: 1. Counterfeit products (if you have checked the entered anti-counterfeit password After correct, you still hear this voice); 2. The security code entered is incorrect (if you have checked the security code entered, please re-enter);
2. Mobile phone query: SMS anti-counterfeiting password (22 digit anti-counterfeiting password from left to right, top to bottom, no spaces in the middle), mobile, China Unicom, PHS users are sent to 13927267667, wait a few seconds to receive a reply, The content of the reply and the meaning of the representative are the same as the telephone inquiry.
3. Website query: log in to the website,, and query in the "anti-counterfeiting query" column on the homepage. The query results and representative meanings are the same as the phone query.
Reminder: Because the anti-counterfeiting query has been upgraded, the previous anti-counterfeiting mark query, please follow the phone, SMS, website query printed on the surface of the anti-counterfeiting mark, thank you for your cooperation. Buy genuine products and beware of counterfeiting!

Installation Notes
1. Measure the thickness of the customer's wall, the width and height of the door opening, the door opening is narrow at the edge, the wall thickness is measured at the edge width, and then measure the length of the top frame and the length of the frame of the finished door frame. The top frame covers the top of the two frames. The inner width between the frames should be 6mm larger than the width of the door leaf, and the inner height between the top frame and the ground should be 13mm higher than the height of the door leaf. After the determination, connect the top frame and the frame into the door hole, and reserve the hanging feet.
Second, the electric hammer is reserved for the nail hole in the wire frame of the door of the long frame. The depth and width of the hole should be suitable for the size of the matching expansion screw, and the expansion screw is nailed.
3. When fixing the door frame, it is necessary to use a hanging wire vertical long frame, whether the long frame and the top frame form an angle of 90 degrees.
Fourth, initially buckle up the door line, (but do not brush white latex, but also adjust the angle to prevent)
Fifth, when installing the door leaf, first fix it with a screw, check whether the door leaf is of suitable size, whether the door leaf and the door frame can be opened and closed freely, and then install the required screws after confirmation.
6. After confirming that the door leaf and door frame are installed correctly, remove the door wire and paint it with white latex, and then reinstall it. If the door wire is not very secure when it is installed (in the case that the glue is not yet dry), two pointed nails can be used for auxiliary connection.
7. The installation of the line can be determined by the width of the wall and the door frame. If the wall is narrower than the frame, the side with the wider side of the line can be used against the wall. If the frame is narrower than the wall, the opposite can be done. Nail strips, lines are fixed with nails and the cover can be returned.
8. After installing the door lock, pay attention to all aspects to check whether the door leaf is flexible and whether the seam is in compliance.
Note: The corner wall and the T-shaped wall door opening should be a set door that is 60mm to 100mm smaller than the door opening size. When installing, use wooden strips to make another "fake wall". The fake wall is 60mm to 100mm wide.

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