1. Telephone enquiry: Please call the enquiry hotline 4008368315, follow the voice prompts, enter the 16-digit anti-counterfeit password in order from left to right, top to bottom, and press the "#" key to end, after the system verification is completed, you can listen To the following voice instructions:
(1) "Hello Dear Customer, the products of Changling Door Industry you have inquired are the logos of genuine products. Thank you for your inquiry and goodbye!" This voice indicates that you have purchased the genuine product and can use it with confidence;
(2) "The security code you have inquired has been queried for the first time in * year * month * day, please check carefully, and beware of counterfeiting!" This voice means: The authenticity is queried again (if you have been in The first inquiry has been made at the time stated by the telephone voice).

(3) "The anti-counterfeit code you inquired does not exist, the anti-counterfeit code should be a pure digital code without spaces, please verify again and beware of counterfeiting!" This voice means: 1. Counterfeit products (if you have checked the entered anti-counterfeit password After correct, you still hear this voice); 2. The security code entered is incorrect (if you have checked the security code entered, please re-enter);
Second, website inquiry: log on the website http://changlingdoors.com/, inquire in the "anti-counterfeiting inquiry" column on the homepage, the inquiry result and representative meaning are the same as telephone inquiry.

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